IC-7300 Part II

By Jose B Rivera - N2LRB

September 29, 2018 - On Saturday, Augusts 18, UPS delivered my ICOM IC-7300. This is my second ICOM IC-7300. I sold my previous one to FlexRadio along with my FlexRadio1500 and some cash in exchange for a used FlexRadio 6300. I think FlexRadio got the better of the deal financially.

But I am very happy with my FlexRadio 6300 since that time. But after a year I started to realize how much I liked and could use the IC-7300 both at home in my ham shack and out portable. It could at least run 100 watts out portable and not need a separate amplifier like my Elecraft KX3 would to run 100 watts.

So I kept the IC-7300 in mind as a future purchase. I could not buy it last year as it became evident that my family and I would need to move after our rent kept going up a few hundred at at time each and every year. In January of 2018 we found out we were very likely to move into our present location and had to save up to purchase the shares (Co-op) and for the move itself.

After moving in April, our expenses were less (no Con Edison bill). But we still had to purchase a Refrigerator, Stove, two Air Conditioners and finance a trip to Florida for my sister’s 75th birthday. I also was buying back time from past work at work in order to obtain a pension. A pension is a great thing to have. As I will need to retire someday, God willing soon.

In August I decided that I had could just use my credit card to purchase the radio and so I ordered it around the 15/16th and received the radio on Saturday, August 18th. It was a joy to have the radio again. This time I had the advantage of height (120 feet above street level) and my magnetic loops and vertical antennas. I was surprised that the panadapter did not curve, like it does on my FlexRadio 6300 when using the magnetic loop antenna. The peaks just go up and down.

I love the radio. It’s become my go to radio since August 18th. Though I still use my FlexRadio 6300 quite a lot. I alternate between the two radio.

I was able to make contacts as soon as I first turned it on. I also found that verticals work better than my magnetic loops antennas in making contacts. I think the magnetic loops need to be out in the open to work better. I will test out this theory when I take my IC-7300 out portable and use both a vertical and magnetic loop antenna.

RS-BA1 Remote Software
I purchased the RS-BA1 remote software so that I could change bands, modes and other controls without having to reach up with my arm to make those changes. My shoulder hurts with probable rotator cuff inflammation. This is the same reason I don’t want or use touch screens. They are injury causing devices when one has to constantly reach up to do things. The remote software meets my needs, works well and look nice on the screen.

It’s been over a month since I recieved my IC-7300 and already I am looking to purchase the IC-7610 in a year or two.

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