image Welcome to my web page. My name is Jose Rivera and I am Amateur Radio Operator N2LRB. I have been a ham for over 24 years. Being an Amateur Radio Operator is great fun. And best of all you get to meet and speak to the most wonderful people in all the world.

I operate out of the Northeast corner of the Island of Manhattan, otherwise known as East Harlem. There are many hams in our community and I am proud to be numbered among them. If you are a scanner head and wish to know more about becoming a ham, see the links on the menu to the left, particularly the ARRL link. If you are already a ham, drop me an e-mail and say hello. If you wish to send me a QSL card. And please e-mail any suggestions on how to improve my radio shack or antenna farm.

If you are in the New York City area drop by 144.205 Mhz SSB or the N2YN 442.750 Repeater and say hello. I usually hang out there evenings. Some of my fellow local hams are my brother Tony, KB2JYN, Adam, KB2JPD, Felix, N2PFX, Eddie, KC2PGC, Debbie, AB2UR, Fernando, KB2JYL, Robert, K2RMX,  and a host of others. You can E-mail me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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